History of ARI

07 January 2017
Terry Hewitt has been an automotive electrician for more than 38 years. After becoming frustrated with how complicated or unreliable the various soldering irons and guns he had used were, he set out to invent his own. He wanted an iron that would heat up almost instantly – his goal was 5 seconds from when he pressed the power button.

The early prototypes were all battery–powered. This eliminated the need for power leads that could pose a tripping hazard or, worse, pull the soldering iron out of its holder or off the bench. Battery power meant that there was no flame. This allows the iron to work outside in the wind without any degradation in performance. Battery power also means that the cost of the iron is the final cost – there is no need to purchase additional fuel.

The original units worked the way he wanted, but still didn’t heat up fast enough to meet Terry’s 5-second goal. This is where his friend Brett Hoy joined the project. Brett has been a motor mechanic for more than 35 years and was also somewhat of an inventor. The two men put their heads together to tackle each challenge as it unfolded.

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